Dress up shoes

Shirt Refashion from two Shirts

I took two shirts like this one and sewed down the top middle part to make it more of a V neck and then made flowers out of the other one. I also added some pink from another shirt.

Little Girls Clothes

Long Dress

Petal Skirt
Pleated ruffle corduroy Skirt
Long 6 tiered Skirt

Doll or in my case Bunny Clothes

Boys Spikey Dino Tail, Hat and shoes


Bird and Bird House

Hair Clips

Old Maternity Shirt made to Scarf

The styles have changed since I got this maternity shirt, it is no longer huge tent whale shirts but now tight skinny cute "hey I am preggors not fat, shirts". So this one needed a makeover.
Into this, the easiest project I have ever done. Just cute squares and then sew them all together in one long line.


Old T shirt made into scarf accessory

Old T shirt made into scarf accessoryTied in knotts no sewing scarf

Made with flowers in the middle

Up-cycled tank makeover to necklace accessory

Nursing cover

My sister is having a baby. The first week in Feb. it is her 3rd but her second child is now 6 years old so I thought it would be fun to make her some of these things she didn't have the last go around.

Shirt makover

Stained shirt



Halloween Princess Dress Pixie Butterfly Fairy